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Let us invite you to a very special, new way of sightseeing. You can choose from our Mysterious Tours in order to get familiar with Majorca while having a lot of fun. You want to see the most picturesque parts but don’t know where to start? Do you feel like spicing up the boring, aimless walks with a unique experience? We looked up all the secrets of Majorca for you, so that you can explore the island in a whole new way.

There is no fixed schedule, a tour guide or opening hours, you simply don’t have to adapt to anybody and all the time is at your disposal. The Mystery Tour starts at that exact time you have chosen before, and from that point on you can get along with your group in your own pace. Our riddles will guide you through the sights, fables and the history of Palma de Majorca. The worksheets will be handled in a sealed envelope on the time you have scheduled before. Solving puzzles at the checkpoints, examining sculptures and monuments will lead you closer to unravel the truth. Our worksheets will never lead you into any places you have to pay additional fees – but you can still decide to have a break and visit any museums along the way and then continue the tour whenever you wish. This way you can lengthen our sightseeing of approximately two hours up to a whole day program as well.

Now that you’ve got to know us, you are just two steps from the experience of strolling the cobbled streets of this maze, so called Palma:

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The pirate of the Cathedral
An adventure in the labyrinth of the Old Town. Explore the attractions of Palma with the help of a pirate’s diary! Find out the secrets surrounding the construction of the Blessed Virgin Mary Cathedral and experience the conquest of Majorca!

Walking distance: 2.5 km – ~ 2 hours

Task difficulty: 3/5

Age limit: 1/5

Sightseeing experience: 5/5

Finish at: La Seu Cathedral



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